Sunday, August 1, 2010

So hey, I thought to start this blog, bringing my life into a new view. Just returned from a kool vacation and sort of  starting life on reality again. Summer is almost over son has a new job, grandson starting high school this year.  Daughter gone to Ireland.

 "AND THEN"  theres MOI with new choices to make. ???? having to prioritize, having to get things in order, making changes like making a BUDGET, don't know how that's going to happen. Charge Card withdraws. 

I'm determined to make a difference , I told myself that way back when and to tell you the truth I know I was and it was so rewarding not only to others but for my soul and health. It was like Samson's strength the more  I  did or gave the stronger I felt. I want it back.

You do know where Samson's strength came from right?? It wasn't from his hair, it came from God. Well like Samson that's where I went wrong, I lost focused. Slowly but surely weakness, and pain took over my life. WOW that was a mistake . I feel like I just found the door in the dark. 

I slept yeas away just going through day by day open windows closed windows open doors closing doors, walking side walks that seemed to never end. Searching for what?? lol searching for the impossible and raindrops to hide my tears. 

It was like a blindness my eyes were open but I couldn't see. So much for that , thanks but no thanks. yep need to get things in order. Make the changes, and make a difference ounce again, OK enough, time to sleep, new morning sun is on the way. 

Good night, have a great week, don't know how often Ill be on and that's the truth. :) But ill be back.  I want to be up early to go hear a really kool guy. Son of Hamas. I hope he signs my book. Now that's a person who is determine to make a difference.

Cya God Bless Your Week
lovyalots SS